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  You're driving around the track at top speed. This is no time to be worried about the gasoline in your car. CITGO Racing gasoline is produced at PDV Midwest Refining, L.L.C.'s Lemont, Illinois refinery, which CITGO operates. The refinery was a pioneer in the blending of Racing gasoline, and our more than 40 years of experience is available today to help you outrun the competition with top-quality gasoline for your racing needs!

CITGO tests every batch of CITGO Racing Gasoline blended at the point of manufacture, so that you're assured of consistent results with every gallon you buy. In addition, the red color readily shows fuel distribution during a teardown.

Research Octane (RON) 114
Road Octane (RdON) 110
AKI (R+M)/2 110
Motor Octane (MON) 106
Specific Gravity 0.728
Gravity °API 63
Distillation, %  Evaporation @ °F
IBP 96
10 146
50 214
90 245
Color Red
Lead, gm/gal 3.0+
Reid Vapor Pressure 6.5
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